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This video is about blind testing the world's best script on TV and see if it still generates the net profit of 4000-15000% of net profit in just 1.5 years. This means 40 to 150 times of initial investment in just 1.5 years. You can ofcourse deduct the fee/commission part of platforms and some more but still, this is too much. What I have done here is developed a pine script which when I applied to any market pair on cryptocurrency market generates staggering profits in just 1.5 years. Today, to make it purely blind I have used a mobile application to generate random numbers first and then with that number I select the market pair and apply my script to see the back testing results. Results are still the same as we saw in my first video about the script. Also, I discussed various ways people can take advantage of the script. People can either buy it and apply it own their own on any number of charts on any market and generate signals/calls for trading automatically or they can chose to go for Copy Trading Service where they don't have to do anything but just subscribe to my Copy Trading Services and grow with me and relax while my script does the job for both of us. For details you can message me or email me.
Contact at krypto.algo@gmail.com

You can get the same benefit by copying my trades in just $35 on Zignaly fully automatically. You just allocate your fund there and everything will be managed in auto mode.

I launched my copy trading services (KRYPTONIAN ALGORITHM) on Zignaly just 2 days back and already made 11.72% of net profit.

I am starting with low price of $35 for initial 50-100 customers and then I will take it up North.

I can share the script/algorithm for $500 in case anybody interested to use it on their own trading platform or wants to experiment himself.
Price of the script has been increased last week from $500 to $1500 for Version-1 and for latest version-3.0 (with plots/visuals) we are taking $5000 (without future updates) and $10000 (with future updates).

We are now charging $150/month on Zignaly rather than $35.

We have closed 135 total positions in 15 days on zignaly.com with real funds and won 134 of them. We are being subscribed (payment basis) by 90 followers for copying our trades.

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