ADANI ENT breaking out my call was at 1475

now it is 1522
It appears people here are only viewing calls.
not liking good calls. you won't get such high probability calls anywhere else
I had stopped publishing stock specific calls.
don't forget to like my calls.
follow me to get updates.
go through my morning post of adani ent


perfect catch sir,
would like to hear more of u on stocks..
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bijoy2526 tinkupals36
@tinkupals36, let us see If I will try
hi sir, first very very thank u for ur ideas... last one yr watching ur ideas, all r superb, u r really very genius sir, thank u very much..expecting good stock ideas daily.. i'm expecting and waiting for ur post daily even midnight also..we respect you very much, no words sir,god bless you.
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bijoy2526 jagantn40
@jagantn40, thanks for your compliments. Really thanks from my heart.
excellent sir... what's ur view on Vodafone idea??? even after bad news stock has rallied 20% today..
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bijoy2526 karthikbaskar83
@karthikbaskar83, No there was good news for vodafone. Govt has mended one policy positive for it.
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@bijoy2526 yes sir.. but what can be the levels of Vodafone idea for this august series.. if u can throw some light on it will be very helpful
bijoy2526 karthikbaskar83
@karthikbaskar83, now a days I seldom post here about stocks. I post about indices only. you can get the link once I have premium membership here that will be soon.
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Hi sir, excellent view sir. I would like to follow ur stock view sir
Thank you Bijoy, took a trade.