Cardano vs Tether (USDT) Long-Term Targets (Up To 700%)

BITTREX:ADAUSDT   Cardano / Tether
We've been looking at Cardano vs Bitcoin ( ADABTC ) closely and seeing that the bottom is in and a new trend is about to form, I would like to share for you the long-term targets for Cardano vs Tether (ADAUSDT) as well, this chart is equivalent to the ADAUSD chart.

For ADAUSDT, we also have a bottom formation and prices moving above EMA10 for the first time since June 2019.

A strong RSI and a major downtrend line being broken, Cardano is really to change course, we are looking at a new uptrend...

On the chart above you can find multiple targets, some can be hit in a matter of weeks, the higher ones can take multiple months.

Note: If prices for ADAUSDT close below EMA10, remember to get out and buy back in on the next support.
Make sure to always have a plan/strategy before you trade... Do your own research.

This is not financial advice.

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If Bitcoin falls, ADA will fall right with it. At this point, the top 30 coins will go up if Bitcoin goes up. So, yeah