adToken Easily Breaks Resistance | Additional 99%+ Coming Soon

BITTREX:ADTBTC   adToken / Bitcoin
Today adToken ( ADTBTC ) made a strong move and hit up to 45 satoshis or EMA100 (blue line on the chart).

This is nice and beautiful growth, over 40% of profits from our recommended buy-in... But more is surely to come.

Here you can see the previous chart for ADTBTC:
As you can see from this chart above, we have been expecting this move.

Right now we are looking at:

  • Strong volume (above average) to break above strong resistance (EMA50 or 35 satoshis).
  • The entire altcoins market is now entering the bull mode. Higher highs and higher lows.
  • Very strong RSI .
  • The MACD is now on the bullish side.

Our chart signals and indicators are all bullish .

ADTBTC can retrace a little to continue going up, or it can choose to continue straight up as we are seeing with the Binance altcoins that are growing day after day non-stop.

What is very likely to happen is for the last low to hold and not even be tested... We are going to see prices move higher from here.

Any questions?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Why did I not buy in I ask my self haha.
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AlanSantana Confucius_The_Great
@Confucius_The_Great, Even worse, I sold a few days ago...
+1 Reply
@camilostrela There are so many, just check my profile... TNT, RCN, MDA...
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"as we are seeing with the Binance altcoins that are growing day after day non-stop." You remind me Master, that price increases, leads to more price increases. You know the "lemming effect" "sheep effect" "heard effect" So we got in at the bottom..and as you say altcoins continue to rise more and more, and it is getting more and more on the altcoin wagon. Human psychology 101. :)
Confucius_The_Great Confucius_The_Great
@Confucius_The_Great, Human beings often remind me of animals. It is not nice to say...but it is true.. most are driven by emotions like greed and ego, aka their stone-age brain. The same kind of no-think brain that controls animals. That is the difference between a normal person and a Great Person. The Great Person masters his brain and keeps his stone-age brain in a cage. Great People can use their brain to their full potential. 2d, 3d, 4d, 5d, 6d thinking, you name it. They can it all. Where a normal person can think in 2d and if a little smarter then that maybe 3d thinking. I use 2d, 3d, 4d, 5d, 6d as metaphors to levels of thinking.