Affle India is a technology company with a proprietary consumer intelligence platform that delivers consumer acquisitions, engagements, and transactions through relevant mobile advertising. It’s a Singapore-based company founded in 2005 and entered India in 2006. They work on Paas (Platform as a Service)Business Segments
Consumer platform (97%) - New consumer conversions (acquisitions, engagements, and transactions) through relevant mobile advertising, retargeting existing consumers to complete transactions for e-commerce companies, An online to offline (“O2O”) platform that converts online consumer engagement into in-store walk-ins.

Enterprise platform (3%) – provides end-to-end solutions for enterprises to enhance their engagement with mobile users such as developing Apps, enabling offline to online commerce for offline businesses with e-commerce aspirations, and providing enterprise-grade data analytics for online and offline companies.

Product Portfolio
CDP for Marketing Automation - Data & Audience Intelligence Platform to Grow ROI
Online to Offline Businesses - Platform helps fulfill omnichannel customer journeys, converting online impressions to offline sales
Technology Enabled by a Rich Patent Portfolio - 18 Patents granted and filed in fields of Consumer acceptable advertising, Messaging, Search & Ad Fraud Detection.
High Engagement Video, Rich Media & Native Ad Experiences - Layered over our data-driven targeting & retargeting algorithms
Behavior, Transaction & Attribution Data based Decisioning - Structured Data Sets driving Prediction & Recommendation algorithms
End-to-End Platform to Grow Marketing ROI - Enhance Marketing ROI and drive Consumer Acquisitions, Engagements & Transactions # #

Revenue Mix -
Geographical- India - 47% and Rest of the world - 53% in FY 20.

Top 10 verticals (74% revenue contribution)
Category E – Ecommerce, Entertainment, EdTech
Category F – Fintech, Foodtech, FMCG
Category G – Gaming, Groceries, Government
Category H - Healthtech #

Product wise: FY20 - Cost per Converted User (CPCU) – 91%, Non-CPCU – 9%.
CPCU Revenue – 41.1% growth in FY20 Vs FY19.##

Recent Acquisitions
Vizury platform – 2018
Shoffr, Revx – 2019
Mediasmart, Appnext – 2020

These acquisitions and strategic investments reaffirm their commitment to building sustainable market leadership as part of Affle2.0 strategy # #

Future Action & Growth
Working towards Affle2.0 strategy (Primary focus on 2V’s – Vernacular & Verticalization. Vernacular enables hyper-personalized consumer recommendations and Verticalization enables deeper insights across consumer segments leading to greater ROI Impact .). #

Mobile Focused
95% of its business is Mobile apps advertisement focused & Mobile advertising spend is projected to reach a share of 64% of total digital ad spends by 2022