Another Investment Opportunity

Guys all scrips are showing the end of Wave 2 based on HTF , they been correction for Quite a long period ,
and this is my 4th investment post , where all indicating the same thing , they are moving up for next larger move up which will be faster in time & higher by % Gain

Now last week move of this scrip is not convincing me that its moving up aggressive as we expect the start of Wave 3 or New Trend system
So look for short term pull back and this i am looking as last drop before it makes an turn around ,

Opportunity will keep knocking , its your individual approach how you want to take benefit

Good luck
Trade active: wait for daily reversal candle low to brake to sell in Futures
Comment: When we identify the potential reversal means its very high likely , but the reality is people think in different manner , they have imaginative support or resistance in the chart Most of retail traders do not have proven system for entry & Exit , and they keep feeding professionals & institutions , Regardless of how much they lose , but they try to remain in the market not knowing where the market is going and they keep losing the Money ,
So far We made tonns of Money by short selling in strength 58 and covering today near 47 ,
Comment: Well market gives its opportunity when the direction is correct , we ware looking to cover our shorts form 58 seems we made through small pull back and now we are close to 43 and we are looking to cover now , as scrip had very swift run
Made tonns of Money


It has already given Breakout on Buy Side. Down Side retracement max 48. I can be wrong though.
I-Fund-Trader AvinashMudaliar
@AvinashMudaliar, OK thanks