Amaraja Bat- Bang On Battery Discharged-Threw at 973 What Next?

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Wow!- We threw the battery below 973 as we were aware it is getting discharged & shall be of no use to us when I came up with the update 4 months back.

Well, it has been doing a very choppy move since the 955 highs giving nightmare to traders.

Trading Strategy
Going above 865 it should travel in the next choppy zone of 900-915 & let me come back again.

You would love to read my previous update

Amaraja Bat- Will it discharge between 1100-1130 Zone- Indeed it discharged

Trade active:
23:48 Hrs 27th Feb2017

Last Price@863

Wow!- It did not move 865-867.50 & dropped as suggested above, we buy above 865 if sustains - it dropped to 842 next.

If we get a pullback in the zone 850-855 -look to buy above 865 for target 878-880 in the short term-if extends trail with stops below 875- keep trailing till the time you are thrown out of the market by the market.

Trade active:
18:03 Hrs 1st March2017

Last Price@851

We got the pullback as expected in previous update 850-855 -so we want the price to move above 865 for an upside move & target 878-880 zone.

Trade active:
22:13 Hrs 8th March2017

Last Price@832

Going Above 875 only -Now we think one should look to buy else avoid going long.

Trade active:
15:05 Hrs 15th March2017

Last Price@864

It has started signs of recovery by today's move, but we still won't hurry & wait for more clues likely 840-855 is the zone if holds in coming days then I think it is a nice setup for good move next.

Trade active:
21:09 Hrs 20th March2017

Last Price@874

Recent High@896

Doing a pullback -long position can be established in the zone 850-860 or moving above 896.
Trade active:
18:30 Hrs 21st March2017

Last price@863

Day Low@855

Bang On!- It kisses 855 low as expected again from 896 highs- Now moving above 865 -I will be check again.

Trade active:
13:20 Hrs 22nd March2017

Last Price@875

Day Low@848

As expected range of buying was 840-855 -it crossed 865 trigger point. Once crosses 896 -recent high then it will be nice for the dead battery to get alive.

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