Parallel Channel & PF Trade Setup

Parallel Channel is capturing the price movement nicely and incidentally the PF is also having the same frequency thus confirming of its reliability. Bottom trendline of the channel is working as inner sliding of LML . One can buy the stock now or on seeing some sign of strength by providing the stop loss of 374.

Entry 385
Sl 374
Target 420
Risk/Reward 3

Disclaimer : All stock recommendations and comments are my personnel view. please take financial consultancy for trading decision.
Trade active


on the side note, talking about Flag and Volume, may be one can use the volume to pinpoint the B and C points, Especially C point, since it remains ambigious untill it retrace n retest and all.
DLF- Daily
Here B point gives a nice volume, and then it falls , just waiting for a flag's pole to end at Point C with a good volume. Theres no high volume in DLF C-point yet, so one keeps extending the pole untill one is found?
@Einstein15, I am not sure that it would be the way to locate Flag pole. It is simple don't make it complicated. See unusual steep movement like vertical bars not overlapping mostly it does not last longer.
Einstein15 praveen.bhatiya
@praveen.bhatiya, okay. yes. ALso i was talking about locating the C-point of pitchfork with a high volume candle, just like a flag's pole.
@Einstein15, yes that could be a possibility and unconfirmed pivot but true it could be considered.
SOrry for spamming :D
I really hope i am doing somethgn wrong here. Like missing some basic point/rule while drawing it. There cant be that many PFs around. I just reached the alphabet "E" on my watch list ha, and they seem to appear everytime.
THe pink zones are the 618 levels.
ALso i dont want you to take the trouble of opening your charts and drawing it yourself to check their validity. Just hve a cursory look at the snapshots when you time and reply "right or wrong", if you feel like it,since you are always too kind to reply. Its just that i dont want to burden you with anything, since there are few too many.
Thanks, as always :)
@Einstein15, you are one of the best research scholar. I sincerely appreciate your hard work and devotion.
Einstein15 praveen.bhatiya
@praveen.bhatiya, Ahh thank you! and coming from you means a lot!
Thanks for taking time to look into it and giving feedback. I read it all . I think now i understand it better. :)
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