FX:AUDCAD   Australian Dollar/Canadian Dollar
Hi, Thank you for clicking on my scenario. In this scenario, I see the formation of a channel pattern. The red line above is the resistance that keeps the price on hold to go up sharper, and the green line below is what keeps the amount going up and doesn't go bearish . Still, now the price has broken the green range meaning the trend from AUDCAD to Bearish and this scenario is supported by weekly or analysis using 1-week timeframe you can see below for weekly analysis + in weekly analysis there is also overbought RSI or above 80 for more details you can check below later for weekly analysis which I see here 4H timeframe, of course, The price of AUDCAD has broken the green line, and there is a slight pullback. We just need to wait for the next whether the SELL is confirmed or not to verify from this bearish , we have to wait for the CLOSE price below .94960, it can be confirmed bearish confirmed, and we open SELL for my target using 3 the target is 0.94347,0.93544,0.92741 for my Stop Loss use 0.95907
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