Auropharma -Selling the Tops@831-Bye

If you get opportunity to say bye bye to bollywood actors we were blessed to have such actors like kaka and asha parekh - Won't you be interested to say good bye.

Thanks for watching the video and your precious time.
Trade active: 09:30 Hrs 5th Dec 2018

Last Price@819

Bravo! got the selling right at the top in the desired zone as suggested in last video idea

Taking halt at 815-816 zone - important zone from previous update.

Last Video Idea - Once bitten Twice Shy

Trade active: 09:33 Hrs 5th Dec 2018

Last Price @818

Selling Right at the Top 825-826 -The desired zone

Trade active: 10:45 Hrs 5th Dec 2018

Last Price@813- Breakfast Halt

It was 2nd halt at important level @810 - which we have discussed in last update several times

These halts can be & should be used by risky traders to buy for short term - as you can see bounce of 5-6 points from 810 was amazing and selling starts back

Trade active: 11:27 Hrs 5th Dec 2018

Last Price@811.25

Risky Traders can buy with stops below 807 for upside target 815-817 zone

Kissing that zone of 815-817 - we will watch keenly for selling again but be careful it should hold in that zone of 815-817 for fall to levels of 800 next.
Trade active: 11:56 Hrs 5th Dec 2018

Last Price@808.95

Risky Buy Call stop was taken at 807- if not taken then keep in mind
- 805 to 807 is important zone

Holding that zone downside we will expect upside push to 815-817 zone next
Trade active: 12:03 Hrs 5th Dec 2018

Last Price@811.40

As expected started getting the push upside - we shall divide this upside push in 2 parts

1st part profit should be booked at 812.40 & moving above 812.50 -we will expect 815-817 target zone
Trade active: 12:09 Hrs 5th Dec 2018

Last Price@811

Next Expected fall can happen either from 812-812.50 or if it goes above 812.50 then fall can happen from 815-817 zone

Trend is down all bounces or buy calls shall be against the trend so it is termed as Risky Traders call
Trade active: 12:45 Hrs 5th Dec 2018

Last Price@809

Pukes from recent high of 813.90 - just missed upside zone of 815-817 but it was suggested that selling can happen from 812.50 or 815-817 zone - it took average of both

Recent low of 806.70 slightly below 807 level can be holded and we will look for a bounce for next selling from 812-814 zone for lower targets going below 805-807 zone
Trade active: 13:45 Hrs 5th Dec 2018

Last Price@805.50 - Puke started from tops again

Selling happened but again a short fall -expected selling from 812-814 - it happened from 811.50 levels.

Made new low@805.50 - can take support between 803-805 zone next

If takes support then we expect bounce again to 811-812.50 zone upside but from 803 -805 zone - "if holds"
Trade active: 13:54 Hrs 5th Dec 2018

Last Price@804.50

It is -------------------803- Lows ----------------------- Kissed as expected range 803 -805 few mins back

If it takes support then we can have possible bounce back to 811-812.50 zone as suggested in last update above.

Thank You.
Trade active: 14:01 Hrs 5th Dec 2018

Last Price @802.50

Failure to hold 803 can take it t 797 lows.
Trade active: 14:06 Hrs 5th Dec 2018

Last Price@802.50

It is Gabbar low@800 - You remember previous video ideas - Gabbar Returns after a long time - can be a support & trade can be taken only by risky trader expecting upside bounce
Trade active: 14:25 Hrs 5th Dec 2018

Last Price@801

Bounces are always going to be risky as it is in downtrend scenario so only risky traders can buy if 800 -801 zone holds for 811-812 target zone upside

Going below 800
It can attempt 795-797 zone
Trade active: 15:00 Hrs 5th Dec 2018

Last Price@795.80

Day Low@792 - completed the full target for the day 794 & surpassed. Thanks

Trade active: 15:12 Hrs 5th Dec 2018

Last Price@798

Next selling only at some bounce -expected zone of next selling can be 811.50 - 814 zone.

It was amazing trading session for the day

Take Care .
Trade active: 07:10 Hrs 6th Dec 2018

Last Price@796

Hi All, Good Morning !

It was exciting session yesterday as the drop completed 30 - 35 points fall from 825 to 792 in single day kissing our target zone of 794 as suggested in the video.

Holding zone of 790-792 from earlier videos which is polarity reversal zone, we shall look for a bounce between 811 -814 zone in a day or two with temporary halt in 803 - 805 zone.

Risky Traders Call ( Who can afford to lose some points)
So, our first target zone shall be 803-805

Moving above 805 - 2nd target zone shall be 811-814

Safe Traders Call
They look to sell either in 803-805 -close to 805 with strict stops above 805 - next selling zone 811 -814 zone upside strict stops above 820

Trend - Downside

All bounces shall be treated as risky calls. Thanks
Trade active: 10:05 Hrs 6th Dec 2018

Last Price@765

"All bounces shall be treated as risky calls upside" we did not get any bounce - what is this stock upto

Trade active: 10:21 Hrs 6th Dec 2018

Last Price@771

Playing with the supports !
Trade active: 10:46 Hrs 6th Dec 2018

Last Price@772

Showing respect to important level 777 -------- from lows@765

Trade active: 11:37 Hrs 6th Dec 2018

Last Price@754

Makes New Low for the day@752 - Fall resumes back from 777 highs - an important level highlighted

Trade active: 11:45 Hrs 6th Dec 2018

Last Price@756

750-755 is yet another important zone below 765-770 zone -so, a possible bounce can be expected holding 750 downside.

Else going below 750 - more carnage can be seen.
Trade active: 13:04 Hrs 6th Dec 2018

Last Price@766

We got the bounce to 765 -767 zone -holding and moving above767 level only we expect more on upside till 775-777 zone next else we will book profits in buy call suggested earlier from the lows of 750 -755 zone.

Comment: 13:30 Hrs 6th Dec 2018

Last Price@758

Got the fall below 765 -767 zone as suggested above few mins back - there is minor support between 755-757

holding that zone we will expect bounce to 765-767 again & above 767 for 773-775 zone upside

Trade active: 14:16 Hrs 6th Dec 2018

Last Price@762

We are back close to 765 levels from 755 - 756 as suggested at 13:30 Hrs earlier.
Trade active: 14:18 Hrs 6th Dec 2018

Last Price@758

Trading in the small zone 765 ----------- 755

Trade active: 14:35 Hrs 6th Dec 2018

Last Price@755.85

As updated at 11:45 Hrs this morning - going below 750 -more carnage will be seen

So, You can't miss buying at 750 levels which was visited just now

Trade active: 14:52 Hrs 6th Dec 2018

Last Price@754

Got entry 10 mins later at 14:45 Hrs at 752- as suggested earlier -don't miss the buying at 750-752 zone
Trade closed manually: 15:10 Hrs 6th Dec 2018

Last Price@753.45

If 750 holds then we look for 765 and 765 -767 zone look for 773-775 target zone else below 750 - it can fall more.

This reminds me of stock - "SBI" once I did back to back follow on SBIN & that too was awesome experience.

Thanks. Hope you enjoyed today's session as well.
Comment: 12:42 Hrs 7th Dec 2018

Last Price@765

Hi Guys, Just Returned back to update that - don't ask me same thing again and again . I have suggested few zones yesterday which you need to take care

765-767 Zone is resistance going above it can attempt 773-775 else downside.

Trade closed manually: 13:39 Hrs 7th Dec 2018 - Closing post 2nd time

Last Price@755

Take your profits and out -if trades above 750 level . Sold at 765 -767 zone few mins back

Best Regards,
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