Hi Traders,
1. On May 25th, 2020, I mentioned in the analysis is quoting for your consideration " 2. Now come to the technical part. I showed you a volume area that it is decreasing with increasing price. Therefore, the volume relationship with the price should come down. But what I feel is this is classic trapping of sellers. Hope has been creating by buyers showing weakness so that sellers start taking the good loss in the hope trade. As you know the psychology of human beings, They stay in losses and left in profit. This is what creating in this scrip." You can see trapping continued till last week. Almost one month ago I told you the psychology of this type of trade and the same happened. I gave you a target of this move in point no.3 of that post is quoting for your consideration" 3. A red channel is created at the top of a strong zone showing weakness. By confusing sellers that price will break the red dotted channel lower end and will not take the support of strong zone. But here reality is different by trapping more sellers and keeping the rest of sellers in the hope trade. At a certain point boom to the upper zone of white color in fig. This is how I Manifested the move of this stock. An illusion is being created of different factors that sellers so that sellers find their positions for entry.". You can see On decreasing volume price were trapping sellers. And exactly achieved my target. Had somebody known How to time your trade would have made good money. Because all trade had already given to one month ago. Even update also supported you in timing also. compare that post with the current you will feel the reality and get a deep insight.
2. A red dotted line channel as shown in the previous post is ready to be breached. If the yellow dotted line is taken out on the next trading session on 4 hours time frame then uptrend will change to the downside with the target of the red zone. After fulfilling the condition of the taken out price may give pull back to the yellow line which should act as resistance that line is not taken out to upside then the trend will be changed to the downside.

3, In any case, yellow line condition gets failed then will get resistance from the white zone. Chances are very less to take the upper end of the zone out. But this is game of probability so that condition can not be ruled out. The rest price will decide.
Disclaimer:- All trading positions should be taken from consulting your financial advisor. This study is for educational purposes only.