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Query : Can I enter during first 15 minutes of market opening? Answer : Market always will be volatile during few minutes of opening. We wont get clear idea which direction the price action will move. I always refer this duration as "gamblers paradise". For example see the chart. 15 mins high is 758. Low is 725. Whatever trading plan you have, it should have hit stoploss during that time. World's sharpest minds are in share market and to save ourselves we should follow the trading rules. Thats why I always publish calls with my trading rules. Trading rules for "Vanathi Waves" 1. Enter trade after seeing price action for 15 mins. 2. If you are bullish wait for the price action to give entry for long. 3. If you are bearish , wait for the price action to give entry for short. 4. Dont enter trade if there is no clear buy/sell signal. 5. Enter when price action breaks 15 mins high/low.

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