Auropharma - 800 - Darna Jaroor -Selling the Top Once Again !

Good Morning All,

Feel Excited to share the photo from future assignment of the Auro fall right at the top from my sessions. As suggested last in the update mentioned below, moving and holding above 780 - we expected targets of 785 -790 and 798

Let us check in order
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    Last update on the post as of 15th Nov 2018
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Last Idea Review
Targets above 780 was achieved twice. 1st attempt -785- 792 -later closing the buy position close to 792 levels & in next attempt above 780 - 785-790 & 798 all achieved once again before it turns back from 800 levels again - Darna Jaroor

Last update on the post as of 15th Nov 2018

Trade active: 23:20 Hrs 15th Nov 2018

Last Price@780

Any move above 780 & holding 780 - Auro can have short term push upside to 785 -790 -798 levels
Fall can and should continue only if Auro stays below 780 levels.

Thanks and Good Night.

Previous Idea

It's the time to disco - five turns to 785

Photo session before we leave

"Say Cheese" at the lunch session - Falling from 800 - 19th Nov 2018

12:26 Hrs IST


Trading Strategy

Break of Trendline - we shall look at 775 - below 773 next shall be 765 - 760 & below 760 -745 - in case of severe fall we can expect 730-735 zone

Trade active: 12:43 Hrs 20th Nov 2018

Last Price@785

785 is minor support - holding 785 it can move sideways between 792 -785 next to digest the upcoming move later below 785.

If goes below 785 - we look for 780 next.
Trade active: 13:06 Hrs 20th Nov 2018

Last Price@782

Target 780 Done as suggested 15-20 mins back - what a fall from 785 to 779.50 lows

Trade active: 13:18 Hrs 20th Nov 2018

Last Price@782

We shall look for a short bounce close to 785-787 zone -which we will use to sell for targets 780-777 next.
Trade active: 13:38 Hrs 20th Nov 2018

Last Price@781.50

Falls again from 784 - 785 to 780 lows
Trade active: 13:50 Hrs 20th Nov 2018

Last Price@781.50

Not breaking 780 downside is always a bounce which it is doing 2nd time so-expect bounce t 784-785 -if resistance then sell again for 780-775 later from tops.
Trade active: 14:19 Hrs 20th Nov 2018

Last Price@782.90

Bounced 2 points - not able to cross 783-785 zone -expect the fall to continue below 780 for 777-775 downside targets.
Trade active: 14:36 Hrs 20th Nov 2018

Last Price@780

This time pukes from 782-783 to 777 -778 as suggested earlier - Wow!
Trade active: 14:43 Hrs 20th Nov 2018

Last Price@779

780 -781 band will be the resistance now acting as polarity reversal something which was acting as support now acts as resistance for a short while -looking down for 777-775 target
Trade active: 14:53 Hrs 20th Nov 2018

Last Price@780

We shall close all selling positions for the day once it sustains & moves above 781 level.

781 is key level on upside now.
Trade closed: target reached: 15:06 Hrs 20th Nov 2018

Last Price@780

Awesome - Falls from 781 key level to 777 - Final Target Done for the day - We close aall sell positions and enjoy the day.

Best Regards,
Abhishek H. Singh, CMT
​Growth Director - TradingView India

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