Axis Bank- Trading within triangle for 440-450 zone

There is a B-wave triangle which could be tracing out in Axis Bank as a possibility, we should not be adamant about the shape or become bias just looking at shapes & someone smart in the market takes our money.

I draw shapes just to give comfort & alarm me whether I am moving in right direction.
There is an impulsive fall from 639 to 468 lows giving us wave A & moving in choppy & confusing move Wave B- likely can open up as a triangle which is yet to be confirmed.

Remember of trading shorts close from 530-535 zone & next it was a gap down move which rushed to 480-482 zone -Wow!

Trading Strategy

We will look to join the sell side with a bounce to the zone 490-495 & falling later below 490 with stops above 504 The bounce move will retrace 61.8% of the current fall from 504 to 479- common never make a mistake of buying as small mini bottom of 480 was broken today, we wait to see how it unfolds next to join the downside trade.

Trade closed manually: 22:31 Hrs 21st Feb2017

We expected the bounce to 490-495 but it was so sharp that it did not dip below 490 so did not trigger & even went above 504 -previous high.
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@AbhishekHSinghCMT. Axis Bank is facing a resistance at 530 which is also the kjun in weekly time frame. There are previous structures at this level. Could you kindly check whether it serves to short here. Thanks.
@SatishBoda, Yes likely going below 520 & sustaining below that level can be looked for a sell but let us wait for monday price action.
Kindly advise course of action now , many thanks
Thanks for clear guidance ,