Axis Bank- Sell with Bearish Shark@530-533 -Targets-515- 506-500

Looking for weakness below 530-533 zone with shark harmonic structure having strict stops above 537 - We shall look for targets 515 -506 & 500 lows in 2-3 days trading session.

Trade probability shall be better, if it holds below 530-533 zone
Trade active: 12:14 Hrs 13th March 2018

Last Price@530.15

Analysis based on spot price.

532 has been tested twice in last one hour of trading & in the zone 530-533 as suggested above in main update, so we are in the trade - waiting for market to show the direction ahead.

Shall Trail the stops to cost as well @533+ Be very strict in risk management -if you are not getting good trade atleast don't lose anything.
Trade active: 12:59 Hrs 13th March 2018

Last Price@532

Traveled above 533 - making new high@533.35

Safe Traders - Exit taking minimum loss of 1 -2 points whereas Risky Traders should sell with stops above 537

Safe Traders should join below 528 lows for lower targets
Trade active: 13:08 Hrs 13th March 2018

Last Price@530.50

Pressure Started for Axis- Waiting for Markets to support for desired downside direction.
Comment: 13:46 Hrs 13th March2018

Last price@531

Book partial profits In Axis Bank as Bank Nifty is strong above 24900 levels - looking upside
Bank Nifty -Current price@24940
Comment: 13:52 Hrs 113th March2018

Last price@530 - Axis Bank

Last Price @24844- Bank Nifty

Sudden fall in Bank Nifty below 24900 levels forces axis bank also
Trade active: 14:02 Hrs 13th March 2018

Bank Nifty Last Price@24685

Axis Bank Last Price@529

What a fall below 24900 levels hardly given any time - Time was given to Axis Bank where it was doing distribution pattern - reaction was seen in Bank Nifty - Wow!
Comment: 14:05 Hrs 13th March 2018

Bank Nifty Chart@14:02 Hrs

The fall of the day below 24900

Trade active: 14:15 Hrs 13th March 2018

Nifty last Price@10390

Did "Axis" set the tone for the markets - what a surprise fall for Nifty as well from 10478 to 10377- wow!

Trade active: 14:58 Hrs 13th March 2018

Last price@534..50

528 - Holding for Axis Bank it Jumps sharply to 534+ with Bank Nifty & Nifty back sharp bounce upside.
Trade active: 15:05 Hrs 13th March 2018

Last Price@534

Axis Picture Holding 528 key level as mentioned.

Trade active: 15:13 Hrs 13th March 2018

Last Price@530 - Axis Bank

Cheers Risky Traders Selling at Top@534-535 - This is your day - Market Tanks again from bounce - What a roller coaster ride – Awesome

Sell at tops & book at bottom range till the time it goes in either direction later.

Trade active: 15:30 Hrs 13th March 2018

Last Price@531

Bouncing again from lower levels of 528-529 - What a day to end.
Trade active: 10:40 Hrs 14th March 2018

Last Price@524.80

Take Some Profits in 523-525 zone - we shall later on bounce or sell below day's low @522.50
Trade active: 11:15 Hrs 14th March 2018

Tata Motors Update

Last Price@351

Box Movement in 350-355 zone - Buy Close to 350 - Strict Stops Below 350 lows for Target 357-359-361 or Buy Above 355 Highs

Trade active: 11:48 Hrs 14th March 2018

Axis Bank Last Price -524.50

Bouncing close from day low@522.50 - Current low was 523.30 - Have suggested to book profits in 523-525 zone @10:40 Hrs - an hour back.

Looking for bounce upside along with Bank Nifty from lows below 24500 - Later we will check for selling once we get the bounce.
Trade active: 11:54 Hrs 14th March 2018

Tata Motors Update

Last Price@350.25

Just dipped below 350 to take the stops - dipping below & bouncing above 350 levels is good enough to hold long positions - safe clue will be once it crosses 351.50 level. This happens to get rid of weak positions or push you out of the trade.

Have patience & look for upside bounce to 357-358 zone
Trade active: 12:43 Hrs 14th March 2018

Nifty Update Last Price@10350

Bank Nifty Last Price@24625

Nifty looks to join the Bank Nifty which was expected to bounce from below 24500 levels ( 125+ points at present)

Nifty moving & holding above 10350 - Nifty to bounce for 10450/10460 -10500 target next
Trade closed manually: 13:40 Hrs 14th March 2018

Axis Bank Last Price@529-530 - Picked the Bounce from 523-525 zone - lows of the day

Tata Motors @352 - Got the bounce from 350 levels as expected

Bank Nifty @24700 - Got the Bounce from 24500 levels - 200 + points

Nifty @10380 - Got the Bounce from 10350 levels

Bye ------------Closing ---------------------Bye
Best Regards,
Abhishek H. Singh, CMT
​Growth Director - TradingView India

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Superb :)
AbhishekHSinghCMT arungcteee06
@arungcteee06, Cheers!
Tata motors: bough at 350.75 and closed at 353.4

Thanks Abhishek

@sukhjit, Cheers!
Quite a detailed post.
In my opinion the cypher prz has already been breached above 0.786 with big green candle. Now all I see is a resistance at 0.618 retracemnt from 554, which may lead to retest of 525.
Anyways keep up the good work.
AbhishekHSinghCMT Bravetotrade
@Bravetotrade, Not Cypher - It is Shark where D can be at 88.6% or 113%
+1 Reply
Today, bullish MACD crossed up 9 day EMA today and if it crosses 21MA that is 533.5 then it may be a BUY call with short-term stop loss of 522.
@R-Begusarai, Indicator cross overs are formed post price action which I use for trend continuation. I consider price action as most important & primary clue.
+3 Reply
R-Begusarai AbhishekHSinghCMT
@AbhishekHSinghCMT, just 3 days ago, making a morning star that already impacted price action and must move upward from here
@R-Begusarai, Always better if you put the chart snapshot.