Put of bajajfinsv 9400 was touched 615 from 125

I hope you enjoyed this trade.
I bought 9400 put of Bajajfinsv @128 and exit 589


Hi Ma'am,

Please let me know how to join your group ?
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Kinnari_Prajapati jaaffersadiq
@jaaffersadiq, You have to message in private for it.
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@Kinnari_Prajapati I should move to 9450 before shorts are created?
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@harsh1par, wait.
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harsh1par Kinnari_Prajapati
@Kinnari_Prajapati, It has turned bullish now?
again one of best detailed view ,you are just awesome
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Simply superb
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Kinnari_Prajapati suryachaitanya83
I bought on 31 Jan 2020 the same stock on margin basis (intra day) and made a decent profit... I did not take put option on 31 Jan because I was not sure which way the stock would move on 1 Feb 2020 after the budget... Now , in hindside, I think, I should have bought put option as per your suggestion... Any way... Thanks for the tip...
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@rameshrege, Yeah, you can take position but not now... just wait because i think this is the pullback in price. Focus on VOLUME and pull and call, both ask/bids will give a thought for investors activies.