Bajaj Finance: Nice Breakout, Waiting For Follow Through

Bajaj Finance has been one of the relative outperformers in comparison to the Nifty 50 Index. After a period of consolidation, the price registered a breakout yesterday with huge trading volume . I am watching this stock with interest and looking for clues as to the nature of this breakout. One possibility is that the breakout is an "upthrust" and price could then quickly drift back into the trading range. The other possibility is a genuine breakout and stock flying away to further heights. IF the second scenario plays out, the price should typically drift lower with narrow range bars and thin volume and then register another big green wide ranged bar.

Lets wait and watch which scenario plays out.


Nice presentation and well explained too... ! Keep it up..
This is the fastest nifty compounder, returned almost 70% CAGR in last 5 yrs...! !
Looking at the charts, do you think it will continue its pace ?
nice explanation. i saw it has bullish flag breakout, which is 300 rs range, i feel it go upto 2178 . there may be few consolidation before reaching .