Would you like to trade with setup before reversal...?

Previously acted resistances
  • 1) R 1256 (profit booking)
  • 2) R 1319 (tradable)
  • 3) R 1391 (final resistance)

Psychological investors' memory and intelligence are something remember forever. The above 3 resistances mentioned in the past acted are the memory of investors who will repeat as resistance in the future.

Example of Trade setup:

1st Trade: Sell 1319 nearby
2nd Trade: 1391 nearby

Pullback is your targets as per below following:
First, pull-back is easy and for very short term traders: 1196 nearby
The second pull-back is at 1124 and,
The third is correct and perfect pullback which is at 1021 nearby

Tail is important for this stock.
Increasing volume is the sign of Reversal Or favour of pullback.

I will update accurate level for trade is you want, please comment for it.


good prediction
may i know your experiance of trading n your age?
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Kinnari_Prajapati himanshusaraswat40
@himanshusaraswat40, age 26, i entered in mkt when i was in 10th std.
love your decision making using price action, period and volume. have been following for some time and i must say, you have an impressive rate of success.
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@ipuneet, Thanks for commenting and appreciating me. Your analysis is also good.
So we should wait for 1319 or 1391 ?
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Kinnari_Prajapati avinash8930636
@avinash8930636, Definitely, patience is required to trade here because still there is not sign of reversal. Yeah, 90% chance is to take reversal from 2nd or 3rd restistance.
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savita_asthana Kinnari_Prajapati
Mam I bought @1110... in 2-3 days mera price aayega ya loss book karen
Kinnari_Prajapati savita_asthana
@savita_asthana, i have written this stock for short selling.
savita_asthana Kinnari_Prajapati
@Kinnari_Prajapati, thanks mam....
but must say that your technical knowledge are awesome. can join you on telegram .
Hi Madam,

You are really a perfect technical analyst....wherenu learnt this kind of depth knowledge?

And r u providing courses of the same?
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