Bank Baroda - Buy Setup for Possible 175-177 Zone

The fall of 171 top is looking choppy & almost took 7-10 trading sessions which makes me even more excited about pop up which I have been expecting since 7-10 days. This pop up move shall confirm above falling blue trendline & holding 162-163 zone. If holds above 162-163 after crossing blue trendline likely that is sufficient to lead BOB to the desired zone.

Trading Strategy
Looking for a buy setup above falling blue trendline & holding above 162-163 zone. Risk -Reward can be best in this trade.

You would love to read my previous update (All my analysis are nested analysis- means it is connected to previous- you can find previous analysis withing the analysis mentioned)

Anticipating the top 3 months back in Nov2016 - "what a top@191.70"

Picking the top@191.70

BOB 2016 Diary
Order cancelled: 11:56 Hrs 8th March2017

Last Price@158.30

Day's Low@157.35

The call did not activate as it did not stay above 162-163 zone as suggested. So, trading cancelled or call closed.

Shall be coming up with the latest update in a short while.

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