BOB- Look for retracement from highs@162

We shall look for retracement if BOB goes below 158 then 155-156.50 & under 155-if sustained, then shall move till 152.50-153 zones before resuming back its upside move


Moving above 162 - resumes upside move & we shall come back again.

Previous Update- Double top@155 to sell

BOB 2016 Diary

Trade active: 14:41 Hrs 20th Jan2017

Last Price@155

Retraced to 155 - Wow!!!
Trade active: 20:05 Hrs 23rd Jan2017

Last price@154.20

Day's Low@153 -Likely retracement is in place which was expected from 162 highs.
Trade active: 07:16 Hrs 26th Jan2017

Last price or Closing Price@161

Day's High@164

As suggested, we will look for retracement from 162 highs to 152-153 below 155 - Low was 153.15 which was achieved also expected bounce gave us 2 way move of 15-17 points in all.

Bounced sharply to day's high@164 before closing@161
Trade closed manually: 11:08 Hrs 2nd Feb2017

Reached 174-175 -Risk Element is Big now - Done & Out - for myself.

Shall leave the last move- if any next week.

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