BankNifty Intraday Trade Setup | 1st October

BankNifty opened flat and broke the yellow trendline on the downside and taken support at the 37580 zones. After some consolidation, BankNifty started going up and we saw a sharp fall around 12:10 and BankNifty came 300 down in just 5-10 mins. We bought BankNifty 37900 PE at 290 which went to 350 and Traders booked good profit in this. We also bought BankNifty 37600 CE around 280 which went to above 340, taken BankNifty 37700 CE and BankNifty 37900 PE too, and booked profit in all Trades.

We suggested to Buy BankNifty 37500 CE as Zero Hero Expiry trade around 30-35 which gave easy 100% profit.

Expectations for Tomorrow: Trending day.

Intraday Levels:
Buy Above 37560
Sell Below 37300

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Happy Trading!
InvestPro India Team

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