Bank Nifty Options 17 Jan 2020

As discussed Bank Nifty made day high near our resistance , broke decision range made day low around support. Overall call writers made hefty money and put buyers in morning made a killing.

I updated my short entry and warned about day low being made near 31700 both on trading idea page and twitter handle. Those who would have seen it made big time money. Anyways good day for everyone.

Decision Range
Support for the day
Resistance for the day

Trend day , 31701 might be tested

My trade
I'll try to short calls near resistance
Real time update
Might update on this page if I get time , I'll drop my real time updates on twitter if possible

Trade active: Support of the day is broken , expecting 31408 updated on twitter , short 32000ce @ 175
Trade closed manually: Closed @ 127 , updated on twitter as well as telegram channel in real time
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Hello sir,
Newbie in stock market here.
Just started digging intraday with lots of confusion and so many questions in mind.
Following your analysis and feel happy when trend is moving as per your analysis.
I am not here to ask you for providing me with tips rather pls help me build stong analysis through studies. I request you to provide some guidelines including studies so that i can develop some sense of TA myself.
Thank you.
Bigbear2022 intradayindia2019
@intradayindia2019, If you are interested in intraday trading , then you should be disciplined and follow levels rather than any other emotional bias
Broke 2-3 levels of support, was wondering if the upswing in rupees, oil and gold has anything to do with it or just the disappointing US China deal
Bigbear2022 prasadkanchan13
@prasadkanchan13, well, I'm a day trader , I worry more about food on table rather than what US is doing or china is contemplating.
prasadkanchan13 Bigbear2022
@Bigbear2022, well that a perspective indeed, it’s pleasure always to look forward for ur update. Thank you
Hi sir ,

Your predictions are excellent. Daily watching your updates. Really appreciate your work . Keep up the good work.

Bigbear2022 Spyder360
@Spyder360, Always pleasing if someone makes money out of my analysis
Sir, Hi as per suggestions market flown in the same levels of support and resistance. Can you explain how to find these support and confidence levels. i am new to market and want to understand this concept of supp. & confidence.

Bigbear2022 skarjolly
@skarjolly, Well discussion can be long , please send pm
may be i am wrong but your analysis is based on volume or market profit and support resistance

and the decision range is point of control