BANKNIFTY: 20551. Above 20580 can go 20630 & 20700 Below 20462..

Assuming that market will remain in indecision for some more time,
price may hover around the middle of the Long candle .
Above 20580 it can go 20630 & 20700
Below 20551 support 20460.
Trend Line support marked 19435 must be the Stop loss for long.

Going with the trend is the wise idea. So whatever may be the case, I am in a bullish view in intermediate to minor term until it turn around with a minimum 38% loss of the total gain. Below that one can logically think a bearish view. But minute, minuttee, or even lower time frames may whiteness bearish move corrections.
Comment: Will make a post for the nifty values later.
Comment: if at all it needs to be very simple, it must be logical and convincing.
No need to be right all the time.
Comment: * witness
Comment: The supports and targets worked well for both nifty and BN.
Nifty didnt cone down to 8804 & BN supported near 20460.