BankNifty Intraday view for 25-08-2021

Good evening all,

At 35795, we almost did manage 2 targets today and a total upside of ~370 points. Profitable day at the office. For tomorrow, I am still optimistic about being long but will do so with care. Sellers has a bad day today and will fight back tomorrow. So expect resistance in the form of a range between 35400 - 35800.

Long side view:
Buy above 35805
Target 1 zone 35930 - 36100 (yes, we need to trail our SL here)
(Long SL - 35675)
Short side view:
Sell below 35430
Target 1 zone 35300 - 35245
Target 2 zone 35100 - 35070
Target 3 - trail your SL
(Short SL - 100 points)

*** This is a view and not necessarily a trade recommendation ***
However, If you like my idea..., do spread the word.


Like I mentioned..... Sellers trap today. Handle with care
Very reason why you should not jump into a running candle..... If you had entered, SL will have hit