Bank Nifty Options 1 Feb 2020 Budget Day Special

As discussed Bank Nifty broke our resistance at opening tick , tried to break out but failed due to supply gaps from yesterday. Bank Nifty broke 30864 and within 10 minutes entered the decision range around 30690. We were the first ones to catch the bottom tick today and went long with 31100 CE around 325. Call made a low at 319 and flew to 420+ by mid day. Live trades were posted at social media platforms.

As we all know that Budget day will be volatile. I will at the onset warn low risk traders and low capital traders to simply stay away and don't get greedy. You will not make money but lose what you have in big swings.
Anyways I'll not post exact entry levels but give you a rough idea where supports can be.

Decision Point
Support for this special volatile session
Resistance for this particular session
Extremely volatile with both ends being tested
My trade
I'll blindly short puts at support
Real time update
I'll try to update on social media platforms whenever I get time

Trade active: Sold 30100 PE @ 320
Trade closed manually: Covered @ 212
Whatsapp contact +46 700319761 ,telegram @bigbearhammer , public telegram link


I don't care what he's saying but this particular position is A FAT LOSS today.
Selling Put options on a day it fell 3% i'm pretty sure whoever followed and left it be, is bankrupt today..
Mirchi Mirchi ...🤩🤩🍌🍌🍌

TRUTH is always bitter.🥜🥜🥜🥜🥜
@HMuha, bhai you can always unfollow me , where is the problem , relax now
Be 100% honest is my your loss call also.

Why you are pretending that you have 100% accurate level...
@HMuha, Here I post my levels and discuss those , you are acting as if I have taken loan from you and not repaying. Stop wasting my time , go somewhere else who will give you 100% everyday , lol
What about loss making calls you have posted at telegram and after failure deleted those one. I am seeing it each and every day.

You are not 100% honest man.

Trying to catch inocent client only...Stop doing this.

Second thing you have started saying to book from 380 also.

1st call your stoploss has triggered of 50 points in option.which you are mentioning here.

So earning and loss both are equal and by EOD its no gain day only ..Hope i am correct else please reply here only.Dont send me reply on private message.
@HMuha, Everyday you have a problem with me , either you are big time loser or frustrated person who just wants to discredit work of others. I get dozens of appreciation message on whatsapp and twitter , you are the only person who has problems. Get a life dude and fins some other analyst who can project bank nifty movement one day in advance everyday non stop.
dkmagento Bigbear2022
@Bigbear2022, Your analysis is do not know how to are not working on old running naked in the market ...I suggest you trade only one day in the market with strong data analysis. ...You are bear now proved
dkmagento Bigbear2022
@Bigbear2022, Now Don't think you only trading...many are trading behind you based on your suggestion. So do a deep study on old data instead of giving a random call or put.
Bigbear2022 dkmagento
@dkmagento, My friend , why are you following me. You can seek anyone whom you like. Spamming me won't help you , Have you seen my telegram messages where I am warning everyone from 10:30-12:30 not to buy anything. I sent around 15 messages not to go long.
I dont know why anyone should take out own frustration on anyone else