Banknifty view and levels for 14/06/2021

Banknifty price action shows it is sideways between 25400 and 34650.
Until any of these levels are breached we cannot take any aggressive positions to any side (not intraday)
right now banknifty is halting at good levels for tomorrow if it breaks 35000 in the 1st 1hr there might be continued selling which can take banknifty to 34650 levels. (safe players can enter a break below 34900 15min canlde close)
If banknifty is crossing above 35100 after open I would like to see HH HL formation on a intraday basis to go long. I will only play in between 35400 to 34650 until any of these levels are breached.
Do not take any aggressive positions inside these levels.
This is my personal view on the script. Trade as per your plan and risk.