Long ( De-Coupled Pattern )

Previously my forecast was in line with Nifty forecast , and I was looking Extended view in Bank Nifty ,

Apparently the the inline patterns have de-coupled from each other , there was always an relative movements between them , NIfty and Bank Nifty

this time its not , Institutions are more smarter , they put most complex patterns in order Gain Maximum benefits , well its their business

As A professional analyst , we tend to have more dedicated approach when Question come to Indices , which are highly rigged ,

This one is heading up for one sharp extension move before making an relative correction ,

One can look for buy set up in BNF for next couple of days or until this visual pattern negated ,

Good luck
Comment: indeed this pattern pan out , i was bit confused for a little while considering my approach and market movement forecast

it might have not worked 100 % but its made the possible expected move ,
Now i am looking for turn around near 20200 to 20400 for next move up side direction

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