6 Apr- The Midas Touch!

Gold Morning Folks!

SGX Nifty is flat right now, early in the morning it was 48 points down, but has recovered .

Nifty and BankNifty will continue to be bullish , though there will be periods of consolidations in between, what TA’s call a time correction.

We are holding Nifty Apr 10300CE and BankNifty 12 Apr 24500CE bought at 140 and 233 yesterday. Previous position in these same options were exited at 21$ and 25% profit!

This time profit will be much bigger. Its the Midas Touch!

Chart above shows Fibo levels to be achieved by BankNifty by 12th Apr .
Comment: A period of brief consolidation ahead...hold long positions patiently.
Comment: Next critical time is 11:43. Lets wait for confirmation around that time.
Comment: Lets observe price action from here for 10 min or so, if market goes down we will exit.
Comment: So both #Nifty and #BankNifty are going up. We will continue to hold our long positions. Trailing stop-loss is: 24300 Nifty Spot and 24660 BankNifty Spot.
Comment: Stop-loss for Nifty 10300CE is 130. For BN 24500 CE is 270
Comment: After a massive bull run, a day of consolidation is fine. We just need to wait patiently, On Monday we will be hugely rewarded.
Comment: Consolidation goes on, but #Nifty and #BankNifty not going below support offerred by critical time! Good upmove to come on Monday. Please carry forward.
Comment: And #Nifty breaks out above day's high! Cheer up Guys, we did it!!


You still think steam left for BN for 12 Apr? Should I go for 25500ce?
pankajvw woodygats
@woodygats, Of course yes!
woodygats pankajvw
@pankajvw, Alright! Thanks for prompt response siji!