Hi Traders,
1. There is nothing to compare with my Friday post trading plan. Except I shared down trend has changed to up trend as red line was taken out on Friday so trend is upside. It is still going on . Bnf opened gap up and breached swing high. For swing high related update I send in morning for those who carried short positions on Friday. That update condition was breached by crossing swing high. Means immediately covered shorts. Always remember when condition is breached you have to take accordingly. See market spend two hours in tight range. In first candle I saw selling pressure that gave me impression that sellers are present at that area. 2nd candle tried to cross first candle high but week bulls could not do it. That was the right clue for me even for those who covered shorts two hours back. To take position in down side .Here sl was clear, risk to reward ratio was pretty good. And market spend two hours in consolidation. All factors were in favor of shorts. I took that position by timing created in lower frame. That position I booked at red support line. Always remember when you are wrong side of trade and get stuck then cover your position when condition gets failed. See every day all support resistance and zones I shared how perfectly all works both side circled hammer candle in pink. One more thing to notice 27 bar moving average works perfectly circled in two areas of exponential moving average . No book depict this moving average even default setting in software are 9,21,50,100.200. But my all average are different from books and software. These are the result of long battle with charts in my long journey. Proving almost every day. So use them You will get more clear view of chart support and resistance .
2. Now tomorrow trade plan. See Bnf has not changed its structure to bearish mood. Although It changed to corrective structure where it will tarp both sellers and buyers till it do not take out green upper zone or green dotted line to down side. Taken out condition is valid for both side range. In this range it will trap both bears and bulls.
3. Green arrow shows if taken out this zone should take long with the sl of green zone. On other side Go short when lower red support line is taken out with sl of green dotted line for positional trades. New followers pl understand taken out condition first attaching that post . I think manifested whole trade for tomorrow. In my style of trading conditions are very important. If any body has basic understanding of charts can go for trading easily. If forget to act with any condition the. result will change into...... Traders are trading in various scrip which I manifested, many of them are writing in same post about their earning. They themselves write how condition help then to understand trade in market. So Trade "n" Grow with education. My final target of this upside move is blue zone. that can be achieved in day or two. One more thing in any case price visit blue zone in upside and i find extension in structure then blue zone will also create new. Rest market will decide. I can be wrong any day any time. So satisfying the ego of trollers by accepting it. My main motto is not to flaunt my wisdom but to help struggling traders in form of earning and education.