Bank Nifty View for 03/12

Bank Nifty may trade in the range 29060 -30060
Decision Level :29262
Above & below :Bullish & Bearish .

Above 29262 : 29360/29460/29597/29747/29860/29938/30060
Below 29262 : 29165/29060

1st level to watch out : 29747 for upwards
29165 for downwards

Small Range : 29360--29747

After the opening it might go upwards upto 29700...Probability high...

Let us see what happen....

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Learn Regularly. Not occasionally.

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Comment: exactly Above 29700 in preopen...
Comment: booked profit ..
Comment: will see after 12.30pm
Trade closed: target reached
Comment: BNF view for today(04/12)
It may go upto 29060...
29747 will be the decision level for today.
Sell on rise strategy.
gap down opening may be possible.

Let us see whats happen.