BankNifty Analysis 28/5/2021 IntraDay Levels

Hello Traders,

I Hope you are liking my analysis and enjoying the trading.
I am concern about one thing is that:
1. From the stat of the posts that i have posted, lets consider today's Expiry Special i see that 1020 views for the post, how many likes only 23 and Commnets only 9 that too 4 are mine... BankNifty 24/ 05 /2021 Intraday Levels Post has 2745 views, Likes 30 and comments 30 ..of which 10 would be mine reply to your queries or commnets.
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one of my Follower named "Akbhagyalatha" post on Banknifty 25/5/2021 Intraday Levels post regarding his loss and i gave a reply to him.
The next day other follower message me in private that he ad made a loss of 50+K, and as suggested to "Akbhagyalatha", he took a pause from trading.
Started with Basic what i had mentioned over there and feeling confident now ... i feel very proud of these 2 followers , one for posting in Public and accepting his mistake and learning and the 2nd follower for Learnig from others mistake ..very good guys... i will be always there for such people.

OK .. enough said ..its upto you guys ..if you want to join me in helping other you will others ... world will continue to go on it does daily.

Here are the Intra day Analysis...enjoy

What an Expiry was ..! Bulls overiding Bears after 4 days ... and finally broke the Strongest Resistance at 35000.
What's next now ..?
I see a Big Rally Comming Soon of which the first Target would be 35500 , 36000...

BankNifty can Open Gap Up/Neutral .... Tomorrow ...!

Resistance Level :
1. Major resistance of 35000 is broken and Price is sustained above 35000 close to 35100 .
2. Good resistance exists at 35100 to 35250.
3. Strong Resistance at 35500.

Support Level :
1. 34800 is New Strong Support level . Below it we have 34700.
2. 34500 has become Strongest Support Level .

Sideways Possibility :
Moderate chances of Upward sideways market between 35100 to 35300.

Trend Lines :
- BnkNifty is still trading between 2 Main Trend Lines Red and Green forming a parallel channel pattern.
- We can see Head & Shoulder pattern formed, and yesterday itself had given a breakdown and was sustaining below the Violet horizontal trend line as shown in Expiry Special post.
- After this breakdown, the big Green Support line played an important Role, BnkNifty bounced back from that line and at level 34550.
- The Horizontal Violet Line was now acting as Resistance, when it was broken ... it started acting as a Support Line (Keep this in Mind ..will Come Back to this Point), and you can see this at 2.30pm in the chart of 15 min.
- Now, BnkNifty has broken the Strongest Resistance of the Week at 35000, and has closed above the Blue Trend Line as well .. with large wick at the top stating the pressure at levels from 35100 to 35250..

Why i have summarised this .. Please try to understand ... Coming back to Support and Resistance point left above ..
1.BnkNifty has broken the Strongest Resistance of the Week at 35000, now this Resistance will Act as a New Support as we saw Above.
So wait for a while to see a pullback at these levels and then go for Buying as indicated by arrows.
2. Understand and learn the importance of Support and Resistance lines.

Important Note:
Need large volume to break 35000 as indicated by larger Green Arrow.
As the Resistance is building strong at 35000 level it seems that at least for first half market would be in down and sideways.

*Imp Note :
Support and Resistance Marked keeps on changing as the day progresses and new trader joining.
Strong Support and Resistance will act atleast for first half and may be broken with large volume .

This is not Buy and Sell recommendation to any one.
This is for education purpose and a helping hand to learn Market.

I hope you all like my analysis.
Please do share your thoughts into comment section.
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Comment: Ignore the Important Note : as 35000 is already broken.


I'm following you for a while...
Very well illustrated images....Perfect levels....Helping a lot while trading...

Thank You ...Sir
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kiranrshinde xyzsumiet

Thank you for the comment.

i hope you have read the content as well .. because sometimes due to lack of time i am not able to show everything on the chart, those things are mentioned in the comments ..specially regarding Trend Lines ...

but today's content was different .. how do you find todays content i right / wrong .. let me know ?
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xyzsumiet kiranrshinde
Yeah reading the content as well ...
For today I took 35000 PE exactly @35000.... Considering the strong resistance ..Got d 100+ points...
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kiranrshinde xyzsumiet

Well done ... So happy to see that ..100+ pts not a joke ...
Keep on sharing and liking that other can also get benifit of it ..
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xyzsumiet kiranrshinde

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I like you analysis , but due to loss and fear I take wrong entry and make more loss. Don't know how to get confidence in getting the right entry. Can you guide some points where we can start.
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kiranrshinde hardikbhatia87

Very good Hardik for sharing this ... it was much needed boost your confidence and others as well.
Following are the points that "CAN" bring confidence in you, "IF AND ONLY IF YOU" follow them ...

1. If you are my regular follower, request you to please go through the comments posted by different followers ... thier experiences ... WHY ...i asked to do so ?
Answer : Learn from Others mistake to avoid ours huge loss. e.g Just go through the comments of @praveennarashimamurthy15 posted above ... what did he learned.

2. If you are into continuous losses, please stop trading immediately for atleast one month... WHY?
Answer : Learn first and then Earn.

3. WHY ... learn first ... have you passed any school exam .. without learning ..No ..right ..then WHY without learning market ...?

I will not write much but will give everyone a Guru Mantra of one word which i am following since many years ...!

It is 3 letter word WHY and only WHY ....How is this possible ?

let me make it simple for you ... you will enjoy ...

Before that one thing stike my mind ... many people do not realise that :

Most of the time .. the answer they are finding is within the question itself ..How ..?

1. Why do you loose a trade ? -- Because you have fear in mind of loosing ...
2. Why do you take wrong entries ..? .. Many reasons ... you may be depending on tips, calls and service providers which may give wrong trades, OR you do not have knowledge of trading or half knowledge of trading ...
3. If you know that you are taking wrong entries .... why didn't you stop doing that ....reason Greed to earn huge money in less time ...
4. If you know that you are taking wrong entries .... why didn't you find right entry then ...
5. You say "Don't know how to get confidence in getting the right entry " ... then who will know ... when will you know ....

We unncessary make things complex ... when they are really simple ...

Just follow WHY mantra you will not only succeed in market but also in your daily life .... How

When you are stuck in something ... ask why ? and try to figure out solution ... you will definitely get answer..

Home work for you ... Please post the asnwers for following question by tomorrow end of the day ..
1. Why you don't know how to get confidence ...?
2. Why you are not getting right entries ..?

3. Most important ..... we all are trading ..right ...means we are investing our money to grow ...right...then

What is that one thing, ........... we are not investing in the market to GROW? ....any body can comment below..let us see who gets the right answer ..fill in the blanks ...

I would be waiting for your answers ... All the best.
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1. Why you don't know how to get confidence? because I use to trade using moving averages in stock which work well but in option and index , I feel don't work in sideway market.
2. I am not getting write entry , what I have faced is 80% of time I am getting 180 reversel or in trap zone.
3. Yes you are right we are here to grow but SL is hitting to frequent and I am learning from chart patterns from last many months but either I am not able to identify points as I think market is having movement up or down very fast.
I may be sounding novice buti geel I understand once the big move have already been played on market early I cannot get.
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kiranrshinde hardikbhatia87

Thank you for the reply ...
Following are few points based on your reply:

Fro point no 1 : Get more knowlegde of moving averages, look for Right moving Average based on your trading style ..
Keep one point in mind that you cannot apply same strategy everywhere, you need to modify those e.g the MA strategy works fine in Stock
for you ..right then make most of it from there ...may be the returns are bit slow...
No strategy works in Sideways market .. better not to trade on such days and loose money ... Just take a look at my analysis of Sideways
Market, and Market behaving xactly the same ... If you would have followed me then you would have avoided trading yesterday ...
No one can Earn Daily Market ...loss is a part of it ..
Only one thing works in Side way market .... Option Selling ....Why ...Homework ...
2 : Answer is in the question itself ... you are taking wrong entries means ... you are buying at Resistance level and Selling at Support level.
learn more about Support and Resistance ...and atlest look into my post where i have marked those and how price reacts at that level
..e.g in the chart look at 3.00 pm..
3 : Time does not waits for anyone, same is the Market ... ones the time is passed or the Big Move Upside or Down Side is passed ... Do not
chase later will loose ... try for next time ....
Why did i mentioned that time and Market do not wait for anyone ?... because you said that market is too fast ... But Market is niether
too fast or too slow, it has it's natural behavoiur ... it's You are too slow when market is fast .... we need to get to the speed and
behavoiour of the Market....

You or Anybody still haven't answered to my question ... posted above : What is that one thing, ........... we are not investing in the market to GROW? ....any body can comment below..let us see who gets the right answer ..fill in the blanks ...

If you are able to find this answer .... most of your problems will be solved ...
Level marking is very helpful to us.
Thank u so much sir.
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