Look out for the date October 2nd and October 17th which are potential reversal dates but not trading dates a wild movement could be seen from these days.

I took trade of 25000CE October expiry at 102, and it is now 71 went low of 57 but still, I am holding because of the gann cycle reversal.

Price action traders and intraday or weekly expiry trader play with small stop-loss.

long term or monthly trader can hold till double your capital because I am expecting for 200+ if u take trade at 70's you can trade for 140 target with strictly max of 10 lots
Trade closed: target reached: sideways movement seen from now and a sharp downfall will happens
Trade closed: target reached: Please don't hold beyond this, as you have already could be doubled your capital. Please wait for PE calls from now. As the market can fall vigorously at minute between the 9th to 14th of this month which starts from tomorrow.