BankNifty 19/05/2021 Completed W Pattern

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BankNifty to Open Gap Down ....
Forming W or Double Bottom pattern ... is Completed as Predicted in my previous analysis.
Target 34500.. 35000 .. in coming days if tomorrow BnkNifty Sustains above 34300.

Resistance Level :
1. 34000 to 34300 is next level of Resistance developing.
2. 34000 is strongest Resistance level .

Support Level :
1. 33800 to 33900 is Support level .
2. 33500 is next Support level .

Sideways Possibility :
More chances of Upward sideways market if sustains above 34300.
More chances of Downward sideways market if sustains above 33800.

Buy Above 34250 and Sell below 33800.

Most Important :
BnkNifty will try to fill the Gap created today. Just Avoid trading first 15 mins.

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