Bank Nifty - Emotional Trap Above 26K+ (Butterfly Can Trouble)

(Note- Please read the levels carefully- Last Nifty Idea was suggested not valid above 11930 levels- You need to manage your own risk)

Idea in Nifty (History May Repeat Again) - suggested that -Expected X-Wave can be 3-Wave Sequence (if crosses 12025 highs)

Bank Nifty
Butterfly above 26K+ can trouble
• Is this the Emotional Trap?
• Post Leading Diagonal which finished at 25232 Highs- Index looks to be running into irregular
correction which at times can deceive traders by its look & appearance- make you believe that it
was an impulse move
Butterfly can stretch 127 to 162% anywhere in between & has reached minimum criteria of 127% -
which is the lower levels for butterfly harmonic pattern
• Manage your risk & trade accordingly.

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Trade closed manually: 07:27 Hrs / 10th Nov2020

Last Price- 27535

Careful at the Tops.

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