Bank Nifty- Next Waves (Upside + Downside)- 1st Jan2021

Happy, Healthy & Prosperous New Year2021

Last - 31235 / 15:23 Hrs / 1st Jan2021

Trading Strategies
Plan A
Buy Close to 31200 (Stops - 31142)- Target 31400+

Plan B
Sell Later - Below 31500 (Strict Stops - 31500 & Above) Target 31000 / 30500

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Trade active: 18:11 Hrs / 1st Jan2021

-----------------------------------Do not buy below 31200----------------------------------
Trade active: 09:39 Hrs / 4th Jan2021

Last - 31447

Plan A target achieved -----------Suggested buy close from 31200- Careful as per Plan-B

Going above 31500 - Sell becomes invalid & It can extend upside more or follow the plan suggested
Trade closed: target reached: 800 Points upside & downside combined. Slipped below 31000 intraday & bounced to close at 31275
Best Regards,
Abhishek H. Singh, CMT
​Growth Director - TradingView India

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Bank NIFTY will touch 33000 by end of this month. There are 5 billion plus SLUSH money is waiting to be invested. AMERICAN FED, the creator of cheap DOLLARs, is begging banks and funds to take away the DOLLARs they have printed in the nights of Decemeber 2020. So, overall 10 billion plus DOLLARS is waiting to flow in to THIRDWORLD, developing countries TO RAMP UP THE MARKETs and THEN CRASH IT.

SO, MY ADVISE is: DO NOT BUY PUTs. ALL the premium WILL GO WASTE. SHORT PUTs as MUSH AS POSSBLE. BE FEARLESS. YES, BUY CALLs, OTM calls. NEVER SHORT THE SHAREs or FUTUREs on them. THOUSANds of retail investors have LOST MONEY trying to short and buying PUTs.

Good luck.
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ganiga BharadwajBharaata
@BharadwajBharaata, Follow and you will Flourish, Predict and you will Perish , Follow the Charts Agree on your views not to trade naked options
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pjrane77 BharadwajBharaata
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srirajg23 BharadwajBharaata
@BharadwajBharaata, Rumour mills are always active on unbelievable stories, IF follow "technical" follow the charts and specific Indicators
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happy new year sir 🎂
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Thank you sir.
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Means plan B is activated, right?
@sakulkarni, Plan A - Buy close to 31200 first - please re-check above & do not consider buying if trades below 31200 as a safe trader
sakulkarni AbhishekHSinghCMT
@AbhishekHSinghCMT, I think if it sustain above 31378 then may be 31800 on the charts, right?