Banknifty Intraday Trading By using Advance Volume Concept!!!

This is All new concept to use of Volume for BANKNIFTY Trading

Even we know that Index have No Volume Data in India..

But we Know Nifty Bank index is weighted index of Indian banking stock companies that are largely capitalized and fairly liquid.

So by using free-float capitalization method for all banknnifty Stocks we drive Volume data For Banknifty .

In-stand of counting banknifty price data we calculate BN using stock volume data.

By Using that's Data we can easily find Market reversal point In live market Hours ..

You can literally see that Money withdrawal in the live market with "Fibonacci_club_indicator"

In "BANKNIFTY TREND indicator" we use intraday stock movement (Tick per Rate of Change in Price)

for All 12 stock which participated in BANKNIFTY & drive trend For BANKNIFTY

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hii , how can have the script so that i can use it ?
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@am67, Wait for some time
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is it possible for you to allow us to the script or idea?
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Hi , please inbox
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HI. Is your Idea working yet. I am very much interested in the Volume Analysis and have been seaching for a solution a long time on Volume ANalysis of Bank NIfty. Let me know if you can help.