Bank Nifty February Options Outlook and Range for Feb

I was asked by around 50 traders to post my views on February month expiry levels because lot of retail is trapped in 31000-32000 CE.

I have run my mathematical model which has predicted a maximum of 30400 for next 8-10 days and a minimum of around 28800. There's a big support around 29500 which should give good money to buyers of around 300-400 points.

:: Please note , I'll be trading on day to day levels and this is just to inform traders that any CE above 30400 has around 87% probability of ending 0. Rest they need to apply their own judgement and risk levels.

:: Expectations - I don't see any breakaway rally in Feb and there'll be bouts of very sharp upmoves countered by equally sharp down moves overall keeping the market at very high volatility .
Swings of 400-500 on either side will be swift and lot of traders without stop losses will burn their energy and capital trying to chase markets in February.

Real time updates
These 400-500 point swings are great opportunity to make tons of money if you have correct guidance and preparation in advance. I'll update on social media platforms whenever I get time.

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Please advise what is the model showing now as crossed 30400
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