BANK NIFTY even collapse of hangseng could not deter it.

Chinese crack down on technological and education stock
and rise in covid cases in Indonesia,japan some how restricted bank nifty .
Better way to approach to bank nifty is to go long on it with hedging
that will restrict the loss if market reacts negative to the international factors if any thing emerges
Right now bank nifty is very much in the buying zone
after April stochiastic in over sold zone and clear divergence seen in over sold condition.
and cross over is there in the stochiastics.India happens to be the most bullish market in Asia pacific region.
Chines crack down in no way affecting other markets.
In hourly chart that I had published earlier uml is restricting bank nifty (please go through my yesterday's post)
If bank nifty overcomes target 1 can be achieved.
Just keep in mind we are in 5 th wave and 5 th wave can not terminate below 3rd wave (refer my weekly chart of bank nifty )
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