Banknifty Analysis Expiry Special 17th June

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Possible of Gap Down/Flat Opening ...Tomorrow.
Resistance Level :
1. Good Resistance Zone exists at 35100-300.
2. Strongest Resistance at 35500 .
3. Good Resistance at 35800.

Support Level :
1. 345000 is Strongest Support Level .
2. Good Support at 34800

Sideways Possibility:
More Sideways below 34800 to 35000.

No Trade Zone: 35000 -35100

Trendlines :
Sell below Red Trend Line .
Buy above 34800 and 34500 levels.

This is not Buy and Sell recommendation to any one.
This is for education purpose and a helping hand to learn trading in Market.

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Why there is a difference between actual closing price and after market price on the same chart ..?
kiranrshinde xyzsumiet

This is because the closing price of the day on NSE is the weighted average price of the last 30 mins of trading.
Last traded price of the day is the actual last traded price.

Due to this the LTP will not match the close on the daily charts either as the close on the daily candle is updated using the close from NSE bhavcopy.

The difference is usually more if the market is moving around quite a bit in the last 30 mins.

Goto/visit --> --> Right Hand Side section --. Click on Nifty Bank --> Click on Hostorical --> Change the Date Range to show on yesterdays Data i.e 16th June .. you will see the following :

Summary Highest 35,380.00 Lowest 34,916.20 Difference 463.80 Average 35,003.50 Chg. % -0.69

This is the Average price that we see on Chart after market closing.
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xyzsumiet kiranrshinde

Thank you so much...!

Keep guiding us... learning analysis through your charts and videos ...We are really grateful for the efforts you are putting in to guide us.
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