Bank Nifty- 3rd Waves with gaps & looking for support@19500


On 22nd Aug2016- Bank Nifty had a high@19494 -which could act as polarity reversal zone if BN opens gap down today as well -We should look for 19490-19550 as the support zone -which was resistance earlier.

Once BN , holds some time in the zone 19490-19550- we should avoid taking short positions & kindly wait for bounce to join the downtrend.

Likely zone of 20000-20100 shall become an objective zone for bounce back (which is not fixed yet-can change in future)

3rd waves are the wonder waves for me -which amuse me a lot.

How do you its a 3rd wave?
When you see lot of gaps in a price structure which is evident in BN since the recent high@20575 - then we could easily come to know that it is 3rd waves- don't even mess with these waves because they can give you 440 volt current.

Abhishek H. Singh, CMT

Comment: "How do you know its a 3rd Wave" -sorry for typo mistake

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