Bank nifty consolidation with positive bias.

Three days of consolidations
and forming 3 inside bars of mother candle.
It may break out to the upside once uml shown in the chart is taken out in closing basis.
Same set up as it had formed inside bar few days ago .Today's low though lower than lows of previous two
days, its high is higher than the high of previous two days.
One can go long if uml is taken out on closing basis and hold position.
Today's low is crucial if it breaks it may fall to median line .
Hence any long position today's low should be strict stop loss.
For last four trading sessions channel line is acting as stiff resistance.
Let us see before Thursday bank nifty can break out or not.
Please go through the attached charts.
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The BIG IMPLOSION is round the corner, it seems. The BULLS have gathered couple of billions to TRAP THE BEARS. UNFORTUNATELY, THERE ARE no bears, this time around. SHORT covering will be minimal. It would be interesting to see who HAS THE CHEAP MONEY and who is the WILDEST of them all. MOTHER OF ALL BUBBLE IS IN play. My views + some hedge fund guys' view.

Anyone who shorts this market will be trapped. The TAP IS OPEN. FED HAS direct, 24 Hours pump open for the BIG GUYS. so, THERE IS A VERY LIKELYHOOD THAT DJI will explode upwards and WE WILL IMPLODE.
Your analysis superb...
bijoy2526 a54e4e33d0ed4f6bad27ed87ecd65f
Respected Sir...SBI target this expiry?
bijoy2526 a54e4e33d0ed4f6bad27ed87ecd65f
@a54e4e33d0ed4f6bad27ed87ecd65f, sbi not yet turn around. have to study again.
thanks sir. I was desperate to have your analysis.
bijoy2526 SureshKumarPolisetty
lets see..