80%+ For Basic Attention Token | Bullish + New High

BINANCE:BATBTC   Basic Attention Token / Bitcoin
Basic Attention Token ( BATBTC ) is now trading at its highest since it hit a peak price in late July...

After hitting a low on Aug. 14, BATBTC has been producing higher highs and is now moving higher.

The next target is marked on the chart with 35%+ of profits and up to 80%+ if you look at higher targets.

All the indicators and signals are in favor of the bulls. This chart is extremely bullish . BATBTC will continue to grow.

Previous chart (click on the image and hit "play" for details...):
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And BTW - thanks for all the work!
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AlanSantana drgorogbalazs
@drgorogbalazs, My pleasure. :)
Yep, now expecting to go for next resistance. Any thoughts pn $WABI? It looks to me a nice higher low on the daily and weekly TF.
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AlanSantana drgorogbalazs
@drgorogbalazs, I'll take a look.
what a master. Dot.
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Aha, extremely bullish even...I see...must be the crazy high volume bar + price increase yesterday that made it extreme...even today volume looks good and looks like we will stay above resistance as predicted master. Thanks for sharing the update :) I also notice now we did not test the bottom of the descending channel. Also a bullish indicator.
Confucius_The_Great Confucius_The_Great
@Confucius_The_Great, Edit: we are still not sure if we stay over resistance.