Stock BCHG plotted with crypto BCH

OTC:BCHG   Grayscale Bitcoin Cash Trust (BCH)
Stock: BCHG . If you have money in the stock market, here is a HUGE play. Graph is a percentage graph for comparison. Notice how stock BCHG has pumped up/down relative to crypto BCH. This shows me that there is a lot of pumping/dumping in this fund relative to the BCH. The next BCHG pump is coming. And combine that with final bitcoin major wave 5 in the crypto market coming. This could be a 10x.
A good play, is put some money in it. Do a 100% (160% to cover taxes if you pay 37% short term capital gains), and sell that.
160 x 63% = 100 roughly.
Your original principle will be out (in full after tax). The remaining 100% is free money to ride this crypto wave up.
If you want, you can try and play the intermediate pumps.
Warning: If you jump in, it could go up tomorrow. Or it could fall another 20-30% first. Who knows. the resistance levels I drew are good indicators of where it might find a bottom. Just have to stomach it until the pump comes.
Getting huge returns comes with volatility .
Purple lines are weekly resistance levels. Orange is daily resistance level .
Invest at your own risk!
Comment: I referred to crypto people, who might be 100% into crypto, when I wrote "If you have money in the stock market."