How to trade using RSI Divergence?

To identify any divergence, first of all look at the current structure that the price is forming like the above case, Bharti Airtel is forming lower lows clearly and when we look at RSI it is forming up Higher lows.
Therefore RSI contradicts the price and this tells us that RSI doesn't support what the price is doing so it's a bullish RSI Divergence. RSI here is not in line with the price so we will be adhering to what the RSI is doing.

For taking entry, we would wait for the price to break first lower low that indicates that price is now ready to bounce back and we will enter by keeping previous low as Stop Loss.
This is an example of Bullish RSI divergence.
Now for spotting Bearish RSI divergence the price must be forming higher highs whereas the RSI will be forming Lower highs which is an early signal that price is going against the RSI and hence we will short here.
That's how RSI divergence works, hope I made it simple!
Happy Trading!