Bharti Airtel again at break out level.

Clearly Bharti airtel stock on bullish mode & at the Bo level. we can take the long entry above the price of 560 for the next target level of 575-580 with the SL 545. After crossing the level of 580 we can see the more strength in the stock. RSI is supporting very well. After complete BO at the time frame of 15 we can take the long entry. So add the stock in your watch list for the price action movement.

Always do trading as per your Reward to Risk ratio means Never risk more than you can afford to lose on a single trade. Please keep patience & wait for the levels means Sit and wait for the right opportunity. Request to like & follow for more such ideas of technical analysis learning.The idea sharing is for educational purpose only. In case any suggestion advice required feel free to ask.
Trade active


From my technical analysis buy-560 and target is upto 596 moving 560 to 596 here are 5 indication and cofirmation point that they say it will reach upto 596 or more higher