BHEL @ 92.75. Buy above 94.50 for Targets 97.5,100.00 SL 89.5

Gradual increase in volumes. Could potentially breakout. Buy above close of 94.50.

Initial Targets are 97.5 and 100. A Breakout above 102.5 could push the price much higher

Strict Stoploss 89.5
Trade active: Closing Price 1/Jan: 95.15. Buy activated

With good volumes, the Price reached a high of 96.4 which is close to 96.5 the 38.2% retracement of fall from 121 to 80. A break above this level could move the price higher.

Trailing SL at 92.5
Comment: 2/Jan 2.15pm cmp 97.

Target 97.5 achieved.

Trailing Stoploss at 95
Trade active: 3/Jan Close Price: 98.55.
Price Made a high of 99.7. Close to the Target of 100.

Trailing SL: 97.5
Trade closed: target reached: 4/Jan Close Price: 100.75

Target of 100 reached. A break above 101.5 can take the price as high as 120. See below chart for views