How easy it is take high confidence Trade

Friends , many people talk about all things that they know about Indicators , Moving average , all kind of Buy & sell single Indicators

but in reality if you dont know whats coming next you will end up making very minimum income even if you use any buy or sell single Indicators

because the people who tell you are only looking for your subscription as monthly income but they are not worried about giving a Constant income methods

by learning wave Principle you can take very high confidence trades without any hesitation , you can always be in the trade by selecting which scrip is about to make a move

by making an confirmation with Momentum indicators ,

For your better understanding i have hidden the candle stick , you know what i dont need candlestick , when i can get a view using only by

Moving averages , Yest i can use only moving averages and still i will in Maximum profitable

you might have a Question How ? The answer is my friends its Wave Principle

here i have used Simple Moving average of 9, 26, and 200 ( Grand Daddy ) and yet i can identify the formation of waves in it , because i have a proper guided

knowledge and methods of using it for proper trading ,

i have put Fibonacci re-trancement on Momentum indicator to confirm weather wave 4 has ended and i always take a very high confidence trade when all the factors are accounted

so if you want to make Millions of dollars , and you need an high confidence trade then here it is

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See You soon in Video Conformance

Good luck

Regarding scrip its making its last move up , buying is not a Good option at this stage due to weakness in the price moves , but one can let it complete its 5th wave

with sharp reversal they can look for short selling In Futures

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