BlackCoin Strong Breakout Developing, Huge Profits Potential (22

BITTREX:BLKBTC   BlackCoin / Bitcoin
BlackCoin ( BLKBTC ) is producing a very strong breakout now with over 80% of growth... This is the daily chart , so the following signals are really strong.

BlackCoin ( BLKBTC ) Signals
  • We are seeing the highest volume since early June 2019 and it is likely to go higher.
  • The MACD is on the bullish side and allows for plenty of additional growth.
  • The RSI is super strong now above 75. (Above 50 is bullish for us).
  • Closing above EMA200 (orange line / 0.00000803) on this timeframe, would be really bullish for this pair and can push it much higher.

We have an active trade for BlackCoin ( BLKBTC ) which is now at 85%+ of profits... Take a look at it here:
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