Bitcoin SV Reaches EMA300 | Can Grow 175% After Break

BITTREX:BSVBTC   Bitcoin SV / Bitcoin
Bitcoin SV ( BSVBTC ) is now challenging EMA300 on the daily timeframe , this is a very strong resistance level and conquering it can lead to massive growth for this pair.
Please allow me a few minutes to analyze this altcoin chart with you all...

- We can see that Bitcoin SV hit a low on the 24-Sept., together with many other altcoins that also hit a low on this day.
- After the low a new bullish wave took place and prices went almost straight up until they hit EMA300 (gray line).
- BSVBTC tried to break EMA300 without luck and had to retrace to remove weak hands and gain more strength.
- The retrace for BSVBTC ended on the 25th Dec. and a new attempt to break EMA300 is taking place.

Now, last time it didn't work but I believe this time the bulls will be successful in breaking and conquering this barrier...

Bitcoin SV Signals & Indicators
  • Volume is still low, really low for the type of action that we are seeing, meaning that the 'real' action is yet to start.
  • The RSI is super strong.
  • The MACD is now on the bullish side and trending towards the bulls. The way it is positioned allows for a massive jump in prices anytime.
  • Consolidation can happen after EMA300 is conquered.

Note: If EMA300 can't be conquered, prices are likely to move lower just to gain more strength on the next try.

If EMA300 is broken, we are likely to see BSVBTC grow by at least 90%+ in a matter of just a few short weeks. Within months, we can see up to 175% or maybe even more.

Thanks a lot for reading.

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This is Alan Masters.
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Comment: Great profits here, up to 47% since sharing.
More to come.

Enjoy the profits.

Comment: 176%+ & Growing...

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