Bitcoin bybit chart analysis May 12

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Bitcoin 30 minute chart.

In fact, the position I expected until this week is the current section.
In the morning, as the vertical rise came out of Tether Dominance,
I have reached the current section.

Until the main bar closes, there are three daily cans left.
Even if you support me well without departing from your current position
Next week, there is MACD deadcross pressure on the Bitcoin weekly chart.

The midpoint is the current segment.

In the case of Bitcoin, it is also the nature of a rebound to come when it goes down as much as it goes down.
At the bottom, there is a bottom digit, approximately engraved on the weekly bar chart MACD
And it is also the spot where the daily peak + main peak pattern is restored.

Also, based on the 12-hour chart pattern, a vertical decline is in progress, so

I hope my strategy is wrong for today
I went with a short strategy.

*In light blue finger movement path

Short -> Long Switching Strategy

1. $26658.5 short position entry section / stop loss when the purple resistance line is broken

2. $24366 long position switching / stop loss when completely breaking the light blue support line

If it continues to move sideways without breaking the green support line today
Please note that there may be strong rebounds in the early morning hours or on weekends.

(Tether Dominance Downward Wave)

My analysis is for reference only.

I hope you operate safely with principle trading / stop loss essential.

You worked hard this week too.

thank you

Order cancelled:
it's a BitcoinGuide.

I'll check the movement after writing the NASDAQ analysis.
The major sections were marked with a black finger.

After the orange resistance line breaks down
Light blue finger section breaks green support line
Finish after dropping to the bottom

On the decline, some patterns were broken.

This is the movement after writing the Bitcoin analysis article.
The major sections were marked with a black finger.

Light blue finger $26658.5 entry section without touch
End of uptrend after uptrend
The green support line I marked has reached the red resistance line.

The strategy was canceled.

At the bottom with last week's move
$26427.5 Gap section created
Two weeks ago, $29507.5 of Gap1 was created at the top.

I'll compare it with the Nasdaq movement as a whole.

I'll see you in a minute.

thank you

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